Walton, Lahore, Pakistan

Acetech Engineering Private Limited

(AEPL) is an “Economical Solutions provider in Industrial Instrumentation, Automation & Control” which emerged with an aim to provide smart and economical solutions to the industry. With competitive team of engineers and marketers, AEPL has the ability to generate system integration solutions to meet the needs of Industrial standards. It is engaged in providing diversified products and field services both in the public and private sector.


Our vision is to be one of the top most Fortune 500 companies of the world, while delivering the customer with the best engineering, automation and control solutions globally.


  • To provide the clients with highest quality and economical supply of industrial instruments, Electrical equipment, Instrumentation, Electrical Building design, O&M services, industrial control & system integration by combining highly-skilled team members with our constantly improved services
  • To support and foster our employees with learning, innovation and growth for the superior performance
  • To be the world’s most profitable firm and the preferred supplier by winning the major projects and delivering best customer support experience to the clients
  • To serve and benefit the society by creating a welfare and social program

Positive values

The company sets out to achieve its goals in ethical, honest ways with an elevated sense of purpose to improve the planet and humanity

Commitment to excellence

We strive to be the best and to deliver top-quality products and services to the Industry.

#1 Supplier in Region

Can-do, go-the-extra-mile and win-win attitudes are evident of our quality services in the region.

Best in the Market

We embrace change, accommodate new trends and technology, and incorporate new skills to satisfy our clients.